Over the years Keep It Secret Company has created many different brand names to bring the world or Japanese POP & Kawaii Culture to the youth of the UK. These Include subscription services, Events, Retail shops and a wholesale business.

  • Our mission is to bring the POP-Culture experience from the Streets of Harajuku & Shibuya, Tokyo. Directly to the youth of the UK!

    C.Cheung, CO-FOUNDER.
  • It's great to meet so many dedicated fans along with so many people experiencing fun and exciting alternative Pop-culture for the first time.

    M.Bayliss, CO-FOUNDER.
  • Keep It Secret is about taking on the world with Kawaii Pop style!.

    R.Wills, Graphic Designer.
  • Keep It Secret Company are a great company to deal with! The are our UK & European Distributors for our Fashion Company here in Tokyo.

    G.Kawashima, Manager, Galaxxxy, Tokyo.
  • I love working with Keep it Secret! The are so nice to work with and looked afer me whilst we were in London for MCM!

    U Kimura, Harajuku Fashion Model, Tokyo.
  • The company has an innovative approach to retail and have been working alongside them since 2012 on Animanga POP!, which has become the South West's Premier Anime show which is a delight!

    M.Allwood, Animangapop Co-Producer.
  • A great company to deal with. Worked well with them in expanding our reach to Europe

    Kishi, Tokyo Otaku Mode
  • Keep It Secret always provides a bright bubbly and colourful atmosphere that radiates kawaii pop culture! Having the opportunity to work as part of the team means that everyday is filled with new and exciting tasks to accomplish that it's hard to actually lable something so fun as work!!

    N.Kishibi, Sales & Social Media.

about us 2010-Present...

The Keep It Secret Company is based in the United Kingdom. We are specialists in the niche market of Japanese & Asian POP-Culture. The business was started back in 2010 when the Co-Founders realised there was a gap in the market for the type of products that the youth craved.


Who are backed up by all our amazing staff members and volunteers who make the company shine!

    Charlotte Cheung, Founder.

    Charlotte is a co-owner and founder of 'Keep It Secret' (the reatail arm of KISC). Along with having a holistic view over all aspects of the business she heads up the purchasing department for KIS.

    Telephone: +44 (0)1752 710048

    E-Mail: c.cheung@keepitsecretcompany.com

    Mark Bayliss, Manager/Co-Founder.

    Mark acts as General Manager for all brands under KISC. He also provides the technical knowledge behind the companies on-line presence and is in charge of new business and projects.

    Telephone: +44 (0)1752 710048

    E-Mail: m.bayliss@keepitsecretcompany.com

    Nami, Lead Creative.

    Nami is our Lead Creative and makes sure our brands graphics & advertisement looks bright, vibrant and colourful at all times! She is an expert in marketing as well as a perfectionist in all her work.

    Telephone: +44 (0)1752 710048

    E-Mail: nami@keepitsecretcompany.com

    Mike Allwood, Animangapop.

    Mike is the Co-Producer of AMP with over 20+ years experience in the convention industry. He manages exhibitors and Venue Logistics.

    Telephone: +44 (0)1752 71004

    E-Mail: mike@animangapop.co.uk

    Claire Cameron, Animangapop

    Claire is the Event Manager for AMP and has a wealth of knowledge in running events. She manages timetables,Guests and much more.

    Telephone: +44 (0)1752 71004

    E-Mail: eventmanager@animangapop.co.uk

    Kim Cheung, Animangapop

    Kim is the Ground Crew Manager for AMP. He has a vast knowledge of the show along with strong leaderships qualities and technical ability.

    Telephone: +44 (0)1752 71004

    E-Mail: floormanager@animangapop.co.uk


contact us


Keep It Secret Company,
HQ Building. 237, Union Street


+44 (0) 1752 710048